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Subcontract Services

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Subcontract Services


ECI supplies a number of support services, including bid or design support, on-site technical assistance, contract fiber optic fusion splicing, terminating and testing, or fiber optic troubleshooting and restoration.  ECIís workmanship and quality are of the highest standard, providing the customer with a reliable cable system.  Complete as-built and test result records are provided, as required. 

ECI will provide a fully trained, experienced crew of technicians to perform fiber optic splicing, terminating and/or testing services on pre-installed cable.  Services include: 

        Competitive pricing on a time-and-materials, unit-work or fixed-price basis 

        Work completed according to industry standards and ECIís field-proven procedures 

        Use of state-of-the-art equipment and procedures 

        Fully tested work in accordance with industry standards, performed with properly calibrated equipment 

      Complete and professional documentation provided to the customer including OTDR traces, light source and power meter testing on CD




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