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 fiber optics - copper - voice - data - video - wireless - security cameras

Empire Cabling, Inc. (ECI) was founded in 1999 and is dedicated exclusively to the field of fiber optics for communications. 

The management and staff have extensive experience in the fiber optics industry dating back to the early 1980’s.

Engineering Services 

ECI offers customers knowledgeable and professional fiber optic engineering services. These services are delivered by experienced engineers and field technicians.  With numerous fiber optic installations to date in premises, telephony, utility, studio, all government levels and CalTrans environments, ECI offers practical, cost effective and quality solutions. 

These engineering services include the following contractor assistance and subcontract services:    


·        Fiber Optic/Copper/Wireless – V/D/V & Security 

·        Network engineering, design and consulting 

·        Initial development and design/proposal preparation 

·        Job estimation/bidding 

·        On-the-job assistance 

·        Fiber optic technicians and/or crew support 

·        Project consulting


ECI contractor assistance and subcontract services are geared to meet each customer’s specific needs, project by project. These services are provided on a T&M basis or on a fixed cost basis.

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