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On-site Assistance

 fiber optics - copper - voice - data - video - wireless - security cameras

On-the-Job Assistance 

ECI field engineers and/or technicians will come to the project site and work with your crew to explain, demonstrate and perform the proper and most cost-effective means of splicing, terminating and testing the fiber optic cable system.  Our staff can provide the tools and test equipment needed to install the cable plant.  We provide assistance in the skills required specifically for any project, including:                    

        Proper sheath removal 

        Hardware preparation and assembly 

        Fusion Splicing and/or mechanical splicing 

        Field installation of all style connectors 

        Custom patch cords and jumper assemblies 

        Use of an OTDR and attenuation or bandwidth test equipment 

Take advantage of ECI years of field experience and get your project completed in a professional manner with quality results.

On-Site Technical Assistance 

        Advise installation personnel on proper cable placement techniques 

        Advise personnel on proper methods for splicing, terminating and testing options 

        Recommend means to increase efficiency, productivity and overall quality



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